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We here at Art Moppet Studio are committed to
celebrating and supporting our local artist community.

Gallery Nights are always free, open to all ages, and full of art and love and beautiful people…including you!

Take a look at the current featured artist, and stay tuned as we continue to add to the list.

Saturday, August 17th


Charles W. Martin earned his Ph.D. in Speech and Language Pathology with an emphasis in statistics.  Throughout Charlie’s career, he maintained a devotion to the arts (literature/poetry, the theater, music and photography). His writing and photography endeavors have spanned over forty years. Since his retirement in 2010, he has turned his full attention to poetry and photography. He publishes a poem and a photographic art piece each day at Read Between the Minds, Poetry, Photograph and Random Thoughts of Life. He is noted as a poet of social conscience. Published books of poetry include: The Hawk Chronicles, A Bea in Your Bonnet: First Sting, and Spirits Touch, Dual Poetry, a collaboration with River Urke (books available through Amazon). He is a contributing author to The BeZine online magazine. His photographs are held in private collections and several more recent images have donned the covers of music CDs. Philosophically, he believes that poetry and photography have the power to make us aware of what is hidden in the shadows…those places that we seldom see or want to see…the poet’s and photographer’s voice scrapes away the facade of an issue and lays bare for all to see what has been denied.