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Sara Kojaku has been in love with art since forever. It is the most vivid part of her childhood, and she has a passion to share that with others. Living in Murrieta, California, for almost thirty years, Sara is very excited to bring this community art space to her hometown. It has been her childhood dream to open up an art studio that would be that safe creative space everyone needs.

Sara has 15 years teaching experience. Having worked with all grade levels, preschool to high school, she truly has a teacher’s heart. Being able to use art to reach children and young people is something she considers a privilege and a blessing. Before that she studied photography in college and has been painting and doodling on everything else since before that.

Our Story–

The idea of Art Moppet Studio was born in my heart as a child. Growing up, I always felt out of place, like the weird kid who didn’t fit in, the one who didn’t want to be in someone else’s box. I remember very clearly that the art studio I would open someday, would be this safe place where anyone could come and make art and have a place to belong. Looking back now as an adult and a mother, the things I have learned, the people in my life, the experiences that have been sometimes enjoyable and sometimes painful…have all lead to this moment, this place.

This studio is yours and mine.

So let’s create without inhibitions, make a mess, and find a sense of belonging as we connect through art.

Mission Statement–

Art Moppet Studio exists to be a safe art space for all ages, to encourage people to use their imaginations, and to use art to spread love and creativity throughout the community, locally and beyond.

Approach to Teaching–

When I am teaching art, my approach and motivation comes from a mix of three different priorities…

1–Security & Confidence
When someone is choosing to open themselves up to creativity, it needs to be in the context of a safe place. There should be no judgement or preconceived notions from the artist themselves or anyone else around them. My goal is to make sure that every artist of every age would try to use their imagination and embrace whatever happens. As we let go of expectations, we gain confidence. Whether you are trying to figure out what your style is or practicing to get better at a specific skill, I believe you can choose to be confident no matter where you are on your path.

2–Learning More than Just Art
When we observe and create art, there is much we can learn about the world around us. We discover things about ourselves that shape how we see things. Then benefits are invaluable. Using art as a way to reach children and show them love is my favorite. Encouraging a child to use their imagination in a healthy way is where they learn to forge their own paths and change our world in the most positive ways.

3–Process-Based & Open Ended
Often times our best ideas come from things that were not intended. Having some focus on techniques and art appreciation will always be integrated into all of our kids sessions and workshops. But also part of that creative learning experience is allowing some of that focus to be on the process of making the art. Giving a child permission to run with an idea, try something new, or just enjoy the experience of a color or pattern is where the magic happens. Though you may not always go home with something to hang on the wall, your child’s heart will be full of all of the good stuff. And in all honesty, you know you are still going to love that abstract piece your artist made, and it is still going to look awesome on your wall.

24550 Village Walk Place #F
Murrieta, CA 92562