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School is out?

Come to Camp at Art Moppet Studio

We’ll keep them creatively busy during break!

What makes our Art Camp Programs so special??

-Our curriculum is written & developed by a 17-year educator who has experience with all grades.

-Camps are instructed & run by educators with almost 50 years experience combined.

Our camps are super affordable. When you break it down per hour & consider the value of everything they are experiencing, from painting techniques, exposure to art, freedom to use their imaginations, we are the best value in the valley.

We promise to value, encourage, and honor your children in all of their awesomeness. We love nurturing what makes everyone unique and amazing.

Art Camp
JR Art Camp

Meet Our Camp Instructors

Sara Kojaku

Sara has 16 years teaching experience. Having worked with all grade levels, preschool to high school, she truly has a teacher’s heart. Being able to use art to reach children and young people is something she considers a privilege and a blessing. Before that she studied photography in college and has been painting and doodling on everything else since before that. It is difficult for Sara to pick just one favorite color, so if you have a few moments, she will share with you her top 10 colors. But she can say that working with clay is one of her favorite things to do.

Mary Bedley

Mary Bedley has over 30 years of experience working with children from kindergarten through high school. As a classroom teacher she has enjoyed incorporating art into all areas of learning. As a child, Mary learned how to be crafty from her mother and grandmother. As an adult, she has learned to appreciate painting with acrylics and watercolors.  Painting is a great way to play with layering colors on a canvas. Pablo Picasso said, “Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” Mary thinks the transformation of color is a magical process.

Keala Sheets

Keala (popularly known as Miss Koala) is a full-time college student with a passion for art, puppies, and the company of little ones. She enjoyed every minute of her 5 year experience as a preschool teacher and prioritizes not only the development of a child’s creativity, but also the forming of meaningful relationships with her students. She spends most of her free time painting, chatting with her dog, Reese, and eating ice cream on her front porch. Planning ahead, Keala wishes to pursue a career working with children as a speech therapist.